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Serious Squirrel Huntin'

Clayton and Matty don't take no shit from no little nutty bastard! Watch the hilarious outdoor adventure!

Redneck Jesus

If Lynyrd Skynyrd had a gang bang with the virgin Mary the result would Clayton "Redneck Jesus" Eubank! Read the interview!

Terror In The South

Get that pussy Prius out the way! Uncle Cletus takes the kids to get ice cream in his new suped-up neighborhood nightmare! Watch the video!

Based On A Shrewd Story

“The Unauthorized Autobiography Of The Allegedary Mr. Cletus Hungwell”.

“The Unauthorized Autobiography Of The Allegendary Mr. Cletus Hungwell”. The new soon-to-be best seller in stores... soon!

The Booty Hunters

"I'm on the game trail like Ted Nugent, ain't gonna let her get away!" Dixie Girls Gone Wild: A Very Special Hunting Sex-pedition! 


"Rebel Alliance" coming soon!

1. Good Lookin’ Bastard

2. What Would Burt Reynolds Do

3. Fuck Me In Kentucky

4. Hold My Beer And Watch This

5. Little Strippers And Big Tippers

6. If Only Titties Were Filled With Beer

7. King Shit Of Fuck Mountain

8. The Booty Hunter

9. Goddamn Redneck No-Good Sumbitch

10. Trainwreck 

11. One Hoedown, Two Hoes To Go

12. Halle-fuckin’lulljah


Recorded live at various locations.


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